Dr. Canavero came on headlines for another time saying that he has carried out the world’s first human head transplant successfully. The evolutionary experiment first time in the human history has been conducted by this mad scientist. The second Dr. Frankenstein declared it in a video of a conference that he has done the head transplant successfully on a couple of cadavers with Dr. Xioping Ren and his full team of Harbin Medical University, China.

He mentioned that now he has done it on two cadavers, later, he will do it on two brain-dead bodies. The real transplant will take place on a human, so it is a very risky surgery which is why it should be performed after all the doctors are well prepared.

Canavero made it a point that he will be able to do the 18-hour surgery on a living person after he performs the transplant with the two brain-dead patients. Canavero also suggested that his recent experiments including the successful test on corpses show that these techniques work.

Still, many scientists are opposing this attempt and the medical community also believes this surgery is both immoral and dangerous. But we leave this matter up to you to figure out whether Canavero can really successfully make the transplant or not.

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