Phasmophobia, fear of ghosts is such phobia that is spread in almost the whole population. According to psychologists, people don’t want them alone so when they don’t see anyone around them, they tend to feel that someone is present. That someone is referred as ghosts in a more specific way.

The more people see ghosts in their home or in a lonely street; they tend to see ghosts or paranormal entity in a haunted place. As while people are more prone to see a ghost when in an altered state of consciousness, just their imaginations aren’t what does the whole job but have a mate.

Cerebral anoxia, a medical condition when less oxygen flows to brain creates several illusions collecting some of the fears that you have deep inside your mind, which is why “when people go to a haunted place expecting to see ghost, they often see something moving in the corner of their eye – an illusion.” said Dr. Joe Nickell, Senior Research Fellow for Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.

Alvis, the author of Haunted Discoveries, said, “We also believe that people frequenting abandoned buildings with large amounts of mold and other hazardous elements can trigger cerebral anoxia, be that in a small or large scale. – This would lead people to believe that they are experiencing something supernatural.”

As well, carbon monoxide poisoning is another reason people see ghosts in such places. This odorless, colorless gas has a direct connection with hallucination. Meaning that you won’t even know that you’re breathing this but you’ll start to notice the symptoms include dizziness, nausea, tiredness, and confusion, auditory hallucinations as well as shortness of breath after some minutes. He also said, “It is often associated with strange sensations, time distortions, and hallucinations.”

About 500 Americans die every year of carbon monoxide poisoning. Toxicologist Albert Donnay said: “Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause all manner of hallucinations- audio, visual, feeling strange things on their skin when there was nothing there. People often report that they hear noises in their ears, bells ringing, rushing sounds.”

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