NASA, SpaceX, Mars One, these space agencies have started a race to colonize Mars. But will they succeed? I don’t think so.

Let’s start with Elon Musk. He thinks we should migrate to the Red Planet because the earth is going to face a deleterious fate, a giant BANG or something. But when analyzing everything, you will see that nothing can make earth less habitable than of Mars. Even the next nuclear war or massive global warming won’t cause it. Mr. Musk, what’ll you do now?

So, why are we going to Mars, population pressure? Scientists oppose this thought as well. They’re saying, “Nah buddy, this ain’t gonna happen” Establishing a colony on Mars is incredibly, technically challenging and expensive; which is scientifically interesting. But a colony wouldn’t be a solution to a problem like overpopulation. The giant crowd ain’t the reason we’re voyaging to the Red Planet, then? The real reason is we have an innate desire to explore.

Another obstacle is on the path of colonizing Mars, radiation. Merging with the Red Planet’s thin atmosphere and the global magnetic field, the radiation shower rules the red surface. Space radiation is mellow is some places on Mars. We expect it to be higher where there is hydrogen near the ground; in any case, it is something that would end up killing you as well.

These are just pre-colonizing problems. Suppose, we colonized the Red Planet; still, the problem which will come is the price tag. A long-term stay on Mars requires an economic justification, which can leave a big impact on colonizing the Red Planet and visiting it as well. Remember what Neil deGrasse Tyson said? ‘My read of history tells me, no. no, because I don’t want it to be so. I’m just a realist about this’ Thank you Mr. Realist but they ain’t gonna listen to you. So, what do you think? Should we colonize Mars and accept all these new problems or leave it?

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