The largest planet of our solar system, renowned as the Gas Giant, Jupiter has been a topic of fascination ever since scientists found out about it; named after the Namesake: King of the Roman gods the planet is fully made of various gases and doesn’t have a surface which is why scientists are some extra interested about the planet.

Starting from Pioneer 10, many space missions like Pioneer 11, Voyager 1, Voyager 2, Cassini, Galileo etc. have been eyeing on the planet and told us many tales about it. And now, the new thing is hovering into scientists’ minds. What if you take a bite of Jupiter?

The Gas Giant is mostly hydrogen, so when you’ll take a bite of its surface you’ll taste nothing as hydrogen is tasteless and odorless. And then comes the helium part. Helium is also odorless and tasteless though it can change your voice for sometimes. But that won’t have any permanent effect on your body.

While if you wanna take a deeper bite, then the region of ammonia, methane comes into play by now. If you consume the ammonia gas then your throat and respiratory will start to burn, it won’t just stop here, it will lead to lung damage as well, death. And methane gas can lead to agitation, slurred speech, nausea, vomiting, flushing and headache as well, it is also said that methane gas can cause cancer.

While the ammonia and methane are in quite a small amount on the planet like a grain of salt in sushi but you’re no giant, so, it is a really, really huge amount for humans. Also, keep in mind, Jupiter is scorching hot, about 24,000°C. You don’t wanna burn your throat right?

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