Those radioactive materials that have been used in a reactor and cannot be used again are known as nuclear waste. It remains radioactive for thousands of years harming the environment in many ways.

Well, after use, putting them in huge steel drums and concrete drums. But leaks can still occur. Which can have relatively dangerous effects causing cancerous growth, genetic problems for animals and plants, even death? So when we are having so much problem because of it, why don’t we get rid of it throwing it in the outer space?

Though it might seem an extraordinarily good idea but believe me, it’s unfeasible, impractical, dangerous and extremely expensive.

We have already trashed our planet enough, and now if we do the same thing to outer space them the consequences might be fatal. The waste can create a layer of debris encapsulating earth. Also, space doesn’t belong to any nation till now, so it doesn’t mean we should make it a dump yard. There is also a bigger problem of sending the nuclear waste in the outer space, explosion of rockets.

The explosions in the history of the rocket is a very common thing. The SpaceX has their first three launches failed. And if a rocket explodes with tonnes of nuclear waste at the upper atmosphere, then the effect on the environment would be catastrophic. The fallout would spread over a greater distance causing thousands of deaths.

So, when we can’t throw them then should we bury them as usual with the risks?

Considering everything, a new process has become widely famous for disposal of nuclear waste. Here we put the waste in a heated rotating tube mixing it with sugar. And when it becomes solid, it comes out as glass but radioactive, less than before.

There are many advantages of it as it takes very less space because all the water volume are wind up. Therefore it doesn’t need any concrete protection either. But it is extremely expensive. The researchers at the University of Sheffield showed much easier and cheaper way to dispose of them, they used slag from blast furnishes. It is the waste that is created while refining the metal ore.

Ultimately, we’re using waste to get rid waste. And luckily, it has worker amazing getting rid of 90 percent waste volumes so far!

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