Humans have harmed the world enough, even when it doesn’t belong to us. The industrialization mess, making seas a garbage dump with plastics. Creating toxic chemicals and many other things done by humans. Everything is chocking the planet. So, what if all the humans disappear all of a sudden? The planet might become a great place by then. So, let’s see what will happen.

The world is in complete motion. Humans are controlling all kinds of vehicles, machines, and systems. And if we suddenly disappear, all the machines that we’re operating would stop immediately. All the Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets that we’re holding would fall from onto the ground. Cars and other vehicles would still be in motion without anyone to control them.

Resulting in a massive rampage. Airplanes and choppers would fall from the sky. And working machines would still do their works like digging or moving something for several hours. The light would go first. Darkness would take over the world. The hydroelectric plants would be the only things that would make power providing power for months, or years.

The pumps of metro and subway tunnels would spurt over. Soon the areas will turn into oceans. Talking about nuclear power plants, they will go to safe mode automatically. As well, fossil fuel plans would also run out of energy.

But nuclear meltdowns might occur. Radiation contamination would then take over a large area. Air, water, and soil would become highly radioactive. All the animals nearby would die of extreme radiation.

Don’t forget about the spent nuclear fuels which are kept in on-sight facilities and pools. If there’s no one to check if the water is still cool. The heat of the fuel rods would vaporize it. The fuel rods would eventually heat up and explode. The nuclear fallout would spread worldwide as well; several chemicals are controlled with electricity.

Power cut would cause devastation. The chemicals would result in a chemical nuclear winter. Petroleum tanks chemical plants would poison the ground for eons. The animals would start to rule the world. Domestic animals that would have to fight for survival. Foods in supermarkets and other places would rot.

The pets would survive for some days or months. Relying on the available food and water. But then they would also die a painful death. The one which would escape would become wild or the food of other wild animals. Wild animals would come to the abandoned cities and farms in search of the domestic animals, hunting them. After a few years, the new animal ecosystem would balance itself.

Around 20 billion chickens, 1 billion pigs, and 1.5 billion cows would die to starve or by wild animals. The cities would begin to change. Trees and moss would take over them. They would create a layer of nutrient-poor topsoil over the roads. The foundations of buildings and other infrastructures would damage because of ivy and other plants taking over them.

Lighting storm sparked fires would destroy big cities like New York. Satellites would start to fall from the space. And the International Space Station would fall after three years. The planet would become completely green. The sea life would also recover without overfishing and the animals that are at the verge of extinction might get a comeback.

Major damage would cause buildings to collapse. All the monuments and buildings will collapse in some years. The atmosphere would cool down without the industrial carbon dioxides. Without bromine and chlorine gas cracking the ozone layer, it would become stronger and ultraviolet damage would subside. The planet would become much cold than now.

Another ice age would begin. The life would start to heal and adapt, humans would be forgotten forever. Earth has seen worse and it knows how to heal and forget.

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