We’ve seen giants in many movies, they’re huge and ugly and always hungry to eat humans or animals. So, when science has evolved so far that humans have already created animal hybrids, it is not surprising that humans are going to create giants if they want to.

So, suppose you’re in front of a giant and it’s going to eat you, what would you do? Run? Well, that won’t work, and now, he grabs you and enters you straight into his mouth. What now? He will chew you, prepare yourself to get crushed and die a painful death.

Even if he doesn’t chew you, when people close their mouth, their tongue is always pressed up against the roof, so, you’re would become a sandwich between them as well, you will be covered completely by squishy and slimy saliva in his 98.6 degrees Celsius mouth.

So, you’re inside her mouth in 37 degrees Celsius. Covered with her saliva, your skin will now start to burn as the saliva is now no different than a bucket of hot water. It is sure that you’re going to die right inside the mouth but if; somehow, he swallows you then you will enter the esophagus. You will die suffocating, your second death.

Let’s assume, somehow, you also survived here, now, you will enter his stomach. While you didn’t suffocate in the esophagus, let’s assume that you have an oxygen cylinder with you. But that doesn’t mean that you can survive in the stomach. You will drown in the sea of acids and get boiled, burned alive in the more than 100 degrees temperature, the same temperature as the surface of Pluto. Your skin will start to melt, your internal organs will shut down and you will die a really painful death. Better not to get eaten by a giant.

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