What happens after your death? This is one of the oldest questions still unanswered after who is the god. People are still debating about it with their different perspectives and scientists are completely shut. Even researching for decades, scientists only got some predictions about what happens after we die. Science has been doing this every time. First, they predict and then prove the most likely one. So, what happens after we die? Here’s the most likely one.

According to medical science, there are two stages of death. The first one is known as clinical death. It happens after the person’s heart stops pumping blood; generally speaking, after the person stops breathing. When the doctors notice this that the heart has completely stopped, means that you’re on the way to heaven (or hell).

It is a stage, where oxygen is still in the body and other organs are still alive and kicking. It only happens when the blood circulation and breathing stops but no permanent damage occurs to the brain; meaning that when the person looks dead, the person is clinically dead.

While the second stage of death is biological death. After about six to eight minutes of clinical death, the body gets a promotion; biological death. All the organ systems retire at this stage; while some of the organs still work but that doesn’t help much.

Doctors can prevent the brain damage for a while by freezing the body below the body temperature but once the biological death sets in, the body muscles relax itself. The blood is pulled the lowest point of the body after about 12 hours and the skin starts to lose its color.

Within three hours of death, the muscles begin to stiffen which is known as Rigor mortis and 24 hours; it will lose all internal heat in a process called Algor mortis. And everything will begin to come out of your body from EVERYWHERE.

The cells begin to die, the lungs expel fluid through the mouth and nose and the animals and insects get attracted to the dead body. And then, the rest of the body is eaten by the guests. And that’s how the cessation of the body happens, of course, after cessation of life.

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