Mental illness can lie dormant for many years before it can be identified. According to a survey, 54 million American from different age suffer from some kind of mental disorder. Acquiring mental illness doesn’t mean that a person is crazy!

Like our physical health, our mental health is also important. Unfortunately, we are too ignorant about our mental health and give it little to no importance. Here are some signs of mental illness which can appear in Adults, Young Adults and Adolescents:

Getting confused in a frequent manner while thinking something

Long term depression, such as sadness or irritability

Thinking too much about all around

Too many fears, worries, and anxieties for silly things

Social termination

Noticeable changes in eating or sleeping habits

Strong feelings of anger



Growing inability to cope with daily problems and activities

Thinking about suicide

Numerous unexplained physical ailments

Substance use

In Older Children and Pre-Adolescents, these signs can appear:

Use of risky substances

Inability to cope with problems and daily activities

Changes in sleeping and/or eating habits

Too many complaints of physical ailments

Changes in ability to manage responsibilities

Defiance of authority, truancy, theft, and/or vandalism

Intense fear

Elongated negative mood

Often accompanied by poor appetite or thoughts of death

Getting short tempered

While in younger children, signs that are quite common are:

Changes in school performance

Poor grades despite strong efforts

Changes in sleeping and/or eating habits

Excessive worry or anxiety


Constant nightmares

Persistent disobedience or aggression

Frequent temper tantrums

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