What if the sun doesn’t come out for two months? How about a winter vacation to somewhere much fairy world-like place where the sun won’t disturb the beautiful starry nights? Something quite like this is going to experience the people of Utqiagvik, an Alaskan city.

Formerly known as Barrow, the town is experiencing what is known as polar night. Polar night is a condition when a particular place doesn’t see the sunrise for more than 24 hours and this 4, 000 people crowded city is now going to experience a long 65 days no sunrise and no sunset period.

A CNN meteorologist, Judson Jones said, “This happens every year, – If you live above the Arctic Circle, there will be a day when the sun sets for the rest of winter. The good news? It will return and then during the summer when it won’t set for days.”

The ring of latitude that encircles the frigid Arctic polar region, the northern third of Alaska lies above the Arctic Circle. Though the Utqiagvik isn’t the first city that has experienced polar night, Tromsø, a city in Norway located about 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle experiences polar night almost all over the winter.

The northernmost region of Europe, Svalbard experiences a polar night from 19 April to 23 August and a quarter of Finland’s territory lies at the northernmost point, the sun doesn’t set at all for two months during summer.

The people of Utqiagvik saw their last sunset at 1:43 p.m. Sunday and it is said that it won’t peak until January 23, 2019.

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