Have you ever imagined that what would it like being a superhero? Everyone wants to be one; every child’s dream is being Spiderman or Superman. Even Sheldon Cooper was a big fan of Flash, remember? So, being a superhero is really awesome for sure. But how would one become in real life? Well the US and Russian army already have created their own Iron Man and Stormtrooper. Want to take a look?


Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, also called TALOS is the Iron Man Suit of The US Military. Although it doesn’t have the Jarvis or any flying skills, it is a battery powered exoskeleton which can carry weights more than 33 pounds; it connects to its back, thigh, and feet to carry weights. It can also repel bullets; serve lifesaving precious oxygen and, control temperature by heating and cooling system and much more.

Kinda boring, huh? Not that much as you are thinking now. It can prevent bullets and have many types of weapons like Tony Stark upgraded his Iron Man suit with.

The idea of creating this suit was first proposed by the Department of Defense when an American soldier died because he was the first to enter a room during a raid in Afghanistan. This suit is so advanced that ex-president Barack Obama once commented, “We’re building Iron Man.”

Russian Exoskeleton Suit

Although this suit has no stunning names like TALOS everybody compares it with the stormtroopers of Star Wars. This powerful exoskeleton is built by Russia in General Research for Precision Machine building. But this combat suit isn’t weak than TALOS, it has bulletproof neck protector and body armor which protects its soldier from bullets, torch and night vision camera for dark, it’s screen shows the target information and health data, the digital helmet has armored face protection mask and breathing device.

Titanium framework wrapped around the body to help the soldier to carry heavy weapons and it is also computer controlled, legs have the battery pack, boots protects the soldier against debris, land mines and bullets and it also has landmine detection sensor and flame-proof as well. This combat suit can adjust temperature, it’s water-resistant and provides camouflage pattern.

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