As we know that Albert Einstein was a genius and mysterious person. Many things have happened in his life too, which are extremely awkward indeed. Some of which people still don’t know. Here are some of the unknown truths of Albert Einstein…

His brain and eyeballs were stolen

On 18th April of 1955, Dr. Thomas Harvey stole Einstein’s brain, which weighed about 2.7 pounds! He also stole his eyeballs to study on his sheer intelligence and his talent. And to figure out what made him exceptional. Later, it was exposed that Einstein was smart because he was naturally curious and also he used to play Violin and according to researchers, people play Violin and other musical instruments improves the cognitive powers of their brain. And when Dr. Harvey’s research was ended, he gave the rest of the brain to Dr. Elliot Krauss. Now the brain is at Princeton Hospital.

He co-invented the absorption refrigerator

At one incidence, Einstein was inspired to help a Hungarian physicist in designing a new kind of machine known as Absorption Refrigerator. This machine had nothing much, only butane, ammonia and water and a heat source for the pump. This machine was patented in 1930.

He had a daughter with an unknown fate

When Einstein was attending the university in Zurich, he fell in love with a physics student, who was older than him. Her name was Mileva Maric. But Einstein’s parents rejected her because she is old, studious and she is an Eastern Orthodox Serb. But before dying, Einstein’s father gave him the permission to marry her, and in 1902, they had a daughter named Lieserl. Maric gave her birth near Novi Sad and after that, they never spoke of her, not even in friends. And what happened to Lieserl is still a mystery!

He was not weak in school

Einstein was good in math and physics both from childhood and he was so intelligent that he studied Calculus at the age of 12! He also knew Latin Declension and Greek Conjugation, but the question is how can he fail in math when he was too good at it? It is quite possible as the school officials reversed the grading system for that year.

He made 1905 a lucky year for physics

While he was working as a third class examiner in the Swiss Patent Office in 1095, he published four papers, which shook the modern views of Space, Time, Mass and Energy. It also helped to set the stage of the modern physics.

He spoke late as a child

Einstein spoke his first word at the age of 7. His musical talent, his devotion to physics and many other facts made people argue that Einstein had Asperger’s Syndrome. It is an ASD which affects a child’s behavior and language development.

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