When talking about the sci-fi movies, the first name that comes to our mind is Interstellar. Unfortunately, Interstellar was a well-directed movie but it didn’t even reach the edge of perfection. The plot and story were too bragging and had failed to justify the scientific literature. Though the audience has loved it here we have enlisted movies which had perfectly justified the sci-fi genre.


In the late 21st century, humans create A.I. (referring to them as Machines). Taking control of the world, the Machines started to rule the planet by substituting the humans. The men mount a counteroffensive and a devastating war breaks out. The movie is a perfect sci-fi futurism.

Terminator/Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The movie introduces us to a world ruled by the robots where a Terminator is sent to kill a child, the child who is going to lead the victory for humans. The story revolves around the child and how the Terminator would kill him; full of action and perplexion; it is an amazing sci-fi thriller.



Close Encounters of the Third Kind

From the first UFO sighting to the research and first contact between the humans and aliens-everything is wonderfully plotted in this movie. A perfect bet for sci-fi-goers.

Star Wars Saga

Star Wars is one of the best sci-fi space adventures the audience can explore. Full of advanced technology, aliens and other spatial phenomena and much realistic despite being a sci-fi, condensed in mysteries, exploration, and discoveries. This movie will win every scientific mind.

ET: The Extra-terrestrial

A sweet alien gets stranded on the planet Earth and befriending it a boy takes the alien to his home. The alien fell sick on the Earth and the boy saves him from every problem.


When a space mission goes extremely wrong, someone is needed to help the astronauts. This is the story of a therapist who goes on board for treating the traumatized astronauts. Maintaining the real atmosphere of a space station the movie is created on a realistic notch.

Blade Runner

Unlike regular sci-fi movies, Blade Runner isn’t about spaceship battles and others. This is an attempt to explore the impact of technology on human society; a story of replicants who wish to live their own lives like the humans. The movie is full of action blended with perfect philosophy.


The future Utopia is the residence of the rich people to live a carefree life. One of them is Freder Fredersen. On a fine day, he saw a beautiful woman with a group of children and tried to pursue her. But his persuasion ends up on a surprising note as he landed on the other side of the city where workers run machinery to keep the Utopia alive.

Freder learns the woman’s name is Maria; she’s a mediator advocating for the needs of the workers. Freder now wants to help the workers for a better life. Metropolis is a way of visiting the past and their view of the future.

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey is an epic space drama of adventure and exploration telling the story of a monolith which someone placed on earth to poke the evolution and the rise of the ultimate supercomputer of artificial intelligence, Hal 9000.

While humans reached the moon, another monolith is found signaling the placers that humans have reached so far. Now a (Bowman) a human and the Hal 9000 goes head to head to get to the monolith placers.

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