Humans are very curious about space and expect that one day; we will surely find extraterrestrial lifeform, in other words, aliens. But we still have a lot of things to know about our own home planet. Like the oceans. The 75% of our planet is covered by water and almost 95 percent of it is unexplored and if we scale the depth, it looks like this:

Let’s start with 40 meters; it is the maximum depth for scuba divers for diving. And if we go a little down then we will reach 93 meters, the place where the ship Lusitania’s wreck was discovered. It is very exciting because the ship itself is 240 meters long so it means that it sank in shallow water than its height. And the funny fact is if it was standing on the stern or bow of the ship then it would be laid out of the ocean.

If we dive a little down then we’ll reach 100 meters, here diving can be seriously harmful because of the decompression sickness and if you’re not careful, then you’re already dead. But still a man Herbert Nitson dived at 214 meters depth with one single breath and set a new record in freediving. Yet, the winner is someone else. Ahmed Gabr named a scuba diver have dived at 332 meters. An interesting fact is he would have reached the Empire State Building’s height if he would dive another 111 meters.

500 meters is a little below which is the max dive depth of the earth’s largest creature, the blue whales. The emperor penguins are little smarter than the blue whales, diving at 535 meters. Here the intensity of water pressure is equal to a Black Rhino standing on a quarter and it applies to both humans and penguins.

And we will reach the height of the Burg Khalifa at 880 meters depth, which is the largest building in the world. And a further more down is the scary zone. This zone starts from1000 meters depth where even light cannot reach beyond this point. Also, you will meet your biggest nightmares in this zone, the Giant Squid. And the pressure you will feel will be same as you would feel pressure while standing on the surface of planet Venus. If we go another 280 meter down, we will reach the maximum depth of the leatherback sea turtle. And in 1,857 meters, we will be able to visit the Grand Canyon’s deepest point. Furthermore down will reach 2,000 meters where a surprise will wait for all of us if we able to escape giant squid. A raptorial animal called black dragonfish.

These will eat you alive even before could see them in the dark and the only way to see them is with a flashlight. 2,250 meters depth is the max depth of the diving of sperm whale and another nightmare called the Colossal Squids. Almost all the sperm whales we have seen have scars and marks which were made by colossal squids during battle.

The squids are way more powerful than the giant squids also they can grow unto 14 meters long and weigh about 75 kilograms with the dinner plate sized eyes and the middle of their tentacles has razor-sharp sickles. If you go way further down than it, we will enter the Abyssal Zone at 4000 meters in depth.


Where you’ll feel the water pressure of 11,000 PSI also pounds squire inch with alien-like creatures around you. Like (From the right) humpback anglerfish, bristlemouth, flabby whalefish, Sloane’s viperfish, fang tooth, pelican eel etc. and a little more down is 4,267 meters deep which we previously expected as the ocean floor but it’s not the end, there’s more there. You will discover the battleship Bismarck’s wreck at the depth of 4,791 meters which sunk during world war ll.

And now, it’s time to enter the Hadal Zone which starts way down at 6,000 meters. And the water pressure is 1,100 times than here as you will feel like you are carrying four elephants on the top of your head. Normally, people will surely die without any outside protection; still, life exists down there in divers from. When you’ll reach 6,500 meters, it is the highest depth that the DSV Alvin, the submarine helped to discover the Titanic can dive. The next milestone is 8,848 meters; in this depth, you can place the whole Mount Everest upside down. But that won’t be wise because it will increase the water level. So, better not try it.

The 10,898 meters depth is where the James Cameron reached in 2012, it went there during the deep sea challenger mission and now if we talk about humans then it is the maximum depth of 10,916 meters when two curious men Jacques Picard and Don Walsh used their Bathyscaphe Trieste to reach there. They stayed there for 20 minutes with their sub feeling 17,000 PSI water pressure at the Mariana Trench.

And now we’ve reached the deepest place on the planet Earth, the challenger deep; 10, 994 meters depth near the southern end of world famous Mariana Trench. Also in 1997, the Sirena Deep took the name of the second deepest place of 10,732 meters. But still is the 5% and what is in others95% is still a mystery.

See? We have so much to know about our own planet but in 2013, $17.8 billion dollars were spent on space exploration, but for the ocean, only %5 billion! Is it a joke?! I am having a doubt that we won’t able to reach 2050 and will go extinct if all these happen.

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