This is common news all over the internet that Einstein was a late talker and because of this, his parents were always worried. But finally, he broke his silence at the supper table where he said, the soup is too hot. And when his parents wanted to know that why didn’t he spoke a word till now? He replied because everything was in order.

When Einstein was five years old, he fell ill. And one day, his father showed him a thing, which stimulated his interest towards science. It was an ordinary pocket compass! Einstein applied for admission in Swiss federal polytechnic school at the age of 17. He did great in Math and Science, but he failed in other subjects. Einstein tried to include acceleration into Theory of General Relativity in 1915, for Photoelectric Effect.

Einstein loved music and he said about it, “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician.” He died on April 18, 1955, at Princeton Hospital. These all are found in thousands of memes and facts about either amazing things about Albert Einstein or unknown facts about Albert Einstein. But these are no longer unknown or fascinating anymore.

But what did he said before dying is still a mystery. And the most unfortunate thing is nobody will ever know it because Einstein’s last words were in German and the nurse who was attending him didn’t know the language.

So, it is natural that it is really hard remembering a quotation or anything from a different language which is why she forgot what he said before dying. But Einstein could have survived longer, even after the internal burst of blood vessels, but when he was informed by the doctors about his physical state, and when they even assured his that they can save him and would do anything to save his life, Einstein said, “It is tasteless to prolong life artificially, I have played my part, now will do it, elegantly.”

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