Imagine the last sunrise of 66 million years ago, the Mesozoic Era. The dinosaurs are still walking lazily without knowing what their fate will be in just some hours. They haven’t even imagined that they will be on a hot frying pan-like Earth in just a few moments.

When the 9000 meters long asteroid approached Earth, the fireball appeared brighter than the star of the day. The asteroid slams the planet; resulting in an explosion similar to more than 100 trillion tons of TNT. Most of the energy avert at the up while just about one percent of the force traveled down in the ground. It was enough to ring the whole Earth like a bell.

The whole planet shook; the seismic waves began to move across and throughout the planet. It’s about sixteen minutes and forty seconds; the waves approached the Northwest Pacific. The Triceratops was ruling the land that time; the magnitude 11 earthquakes shook the valley.

The Triceratops started to panic and began to move towards the edge, distressfully. An escape from the falling kingdom; the same time; the ejector cloud reached them. Small animals went underground. Covering the surface with hell-like heat at about 16,000 km per hours, the storm of ejector cloud was traveling throughout the Earth.

The cloud was charged with millions of volts, just like a gigantic battery floating above everyone; which was the biggest electrical storm ever occur on Earth. Though the Quetzalcoatlus escaped the tremors; flying above them but the rain of fireball got them. The floor was the only option but they were too large to get there quickly. Their tattered wings no longer can keep them in the air.

A little more, the Triceratops was about to escape the valley. But luck wasn’t with them, the storm arrived and all was left was dark, motionless bodies. While hours ago North America was full of greenery; now it’s nothing than a living hell. The storm moved throughout the whole planet and all was left was just a fireball.

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