Planes are very essential vehicles nowadays. And this vehicle was first made by two brothers, Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright. It is very easy to say that who made what, but do we actually know about the Wright brothers? Wilbur Wright was born on 16 April of 1867 and his younger brother become his mate after four years. They were not the only two children of their parents, they were five and none of the Wilbur or Orville attended college but their younger sister Katherine did. Wilbur was a very bright and studious and he wanted to study at Yale University after high school. Wilbur was found of ice hockey and in 1878, he was badly injured by a player who accidentally hit him with a stick. Although most of his injuries were healed he was depressed.

Later, Wilbur and his brother Orville started their own newspaper where Wilbur was the editor and Orville, the publisher. And they started a bike shop and they began to start fixing and selling their own design. Once they began to start working, they wanted to figure out how to fly? They started observing the wings of birds and how they use their wing for balance and control. They tried to imitate it and they named the concept of Wing Warping and when they added a moveable rubber in it they successfully discovered the magic. The Wright brothers made a deplane kite with a 1.5 meters wingspan. After successful flights, they moved to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. They started a glider experiment there on  October 3, 1990.

And Wilbur was on the board and it was just like a kite and didn’t fly not far above the ground. They tested it with a man controlling the glider with a rope. In 1991 they brothers thought to modify the lift and that’s why they added larger wings and made a lot of flight in July and August at a distance about 50 to 400 ft. The glider stalled sometimes but none of the brothers got hurt because of this. Later, they made a wind tunnel to test miniatures flying. They made it between October and December. They made the wing tunnel of bicycle spokes and Strap metals.

Wilbur traveled to Chicago to give a lecture to the western society of engineers where he presented and described the glider of the 1990 and 91. They created a powered Wright flyer in 1903 using their offered material for construction, spruce, it is a strong and lightweight wood. They also planned and shaped their own wooden propellers and also had a purpose build gasoline engine invented in their bicycle shop. They had a blade over eight feet long and made of three laminations of fixed spruce. And on 14 December 1903, they made toss where Wilbur won and took three seconds of flight attempt, causing some little damages to the flyer. After repairing the damages,  their second flight took place on.

December 17, they laid their launching rail on the level ground, pointing into the wind which was averaging more than 20mph. because Wilbur flies earlier, it was Orville’s turn, his first flight lasted for 10seconds at a distance of 120ft.

For short the brothers took four flights that day and they all were straight, turns were made. The last flight was made by Wilbur and he flies at the highest distance from ground 852 ft. The success of write brothers and major breakthrough gave men the opportunity to rule the sky.

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