The Second World War is a revolution in science and technology, bringing a great change to the science and everyday life of people. While the Second World War took place, it was the time many talented and extraordinary scientists like Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, Max Plank like great minds were active in their fields.

We can say that Second World War was a time when along with the bombs and blasts, it was also mind to mind conflict. While if we talk about them, they all have done many bad things as well good ones; war doesn’t racists. The scientists’ activities are shining in the pages of history, so, borrowing some of them, here is what I could bring you.

One of the names that are widely known is Albert Einstein. This German-born scientist has a great influence on the development of Manhattan Project. When he was in America, teaching mathematics in Princeton; he warned then president of US Franklin D Roosevelt about the nuclear bomb Germany is developing.

Einstein and Leo Szilard, a Hungarian physicist along with other refugee physicists like Edward Teller and Eugene Winger wrote to president that an approval for funding to develop uranium so Germany can’t overtake them. They felt that it is their responsibility to warn the Americans about the German weaponry. Later, it became arguably the key stimulus for the U.S. adoption of serious investigations into nuclear weapons on the eve of the U.S. entry into World War II.

When talking about the World War II, we cannot leave this aerospace engineer, Wernher von Braun. Wernher worked on a secret project during the Second World War, the V-2 Rocket. Carrying about a ton of warhead, this 45 feet long rocket is capable of taking more than 25 lives. In a few months, about 3, 172 V-2 Rockets were launched, while 1664 were targeted on Belgium.

While, if we talk about Heisenberg then his response was more like quiet interventions within the bureaucracy and not like to go for a public protest, especially the one which is led by a hope that the Nazi government would not last long. He thought that the country comes first and denounced his theoretical physics dwelling more into how to help the industries and arms productions.

Black and white retro image of Lancaster bombers from Battle of Britain in World War Two

And now, here comes the quantum physicist Max Plank, one of the scientists who directly got down into the protest. He was appointed as the president of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in 1930, but protesting against Adolf Hitler; he resigned from the post and refused work for the war research project as well. Plank’s youngest son was arrested in the charge of involvement in the July Plot again Adolf Hitler and was tortured and killed.

The war has many sides. No matter it’s the government, scientists or the ordinary people, everyone has their own view; which leads to either a darker side of the history or to one of the brightest chapters.

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