Psychologists have surveyed 511 American Christians and asked them to give their view of how they imagined the face of the God. All of them gave their view of God individually, without discussing among themselves. When they had collected the sketch of God from every participant the researchers just freaked out seeing the final image of how our creator looks like!

Psychologists combined all the sketches and ended up with a final version where God looked exactly like Elon Musk!

In 1952, Wernher von Braun wrote a book called Project Mars which imagined that humans will colonize the Red Planet and the person who will lead them is called Elon.

People think that God is a clean shaved, young, modern man because religious belief is changing at an alarming rate towards atheism or to a much dude version of god.

Atheism is rising at an increasing rate nowadays; perhaps that’s why people are thinking of god as much of a dude than a spiritual entity. Psychology also says that people saw themselves in god.

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