In spite of great media scrutiny throughout the production hall ramp of Tesla model 3 and other soups around, the Tesla model 3 is now the number 1 bestselling car in the US.

Changing the auto industry forever, Tesla made a unique box for them throughout the world of electric vehicles with some of the most amazing features including autopilot and instant speed boost to 100 oh uses laptop battery and a vegan-friendly interior as well; they are already at the top of the electric vehicle market.

The model 3 of Tesla got a position in the top 5 bestselling cars in the US in units in August, after the champions like Toyota and Honda which will cost its buyers less than $25,000 whereas, the Tesla buyers will be spending more – around $49,000.

Tesla’s a little late in exceeding others in units, this electrically powered vehicle took about 50% of the market share of all-electric vehicles, Tesla Model S and X took another 15% as well. According to a Tweeter user, Troy Teslike’s Survey, the average selling price of the Tesla Model 3 is $55,759. The Model 3’s high average selling price and record deliveries are the consequence that it’s now the number 1 bestselling car in the US.

Becoming the bestselling car by predominantly revenue, the Tesla 3 excelled compared to the sales of popular brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW. Now, Tesla has a much greater plan increasing demands extending cheaper variants of the car down to $35,000.

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