What if humans can’t travel space and stays on earth? The famous theoretical physicist and cosmologist Professor Stephen Hawking said, “If humanity doesn’t become a truly spacefaring species in the next five centuries or so, we may well go extinct.”

Stephen Hawking also warned during a video presentation on 15 November, Sunday at Tencent Web Summit, Beijing saying that increasing population of the human race also the increasing needs of energy can leave earth unsuitable for any living thing by the year 2600, according to The Sun, a British newspaper. The Sun also reported that Hawking, therefore, advised that we get our act together and boldly go where no one has gone before.

Hawking and other Starshot team members said that a one billion dollar project which wants to develop a tiny, unscrewed, sail-equipped probe which will be accelerated to 20 percent the light’s speed by powerful lasers. Such nanocraft could get to Mars in less than an hour and theoretically fly to the nearest exoplanet from the earth – hopefully, habitable Proxima b, which is 4.2 light years from us – after a 20 years space journey.

Breakthrough Starshot Exclusive Director and the former head of NASA’s Ames Research Center, Pete Worden said, “Maybe if all goes well, sometimes a little after the middle of the century, we’ll have our first picture of another planet that may be life-bearing orbiting the nearest star.”

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