Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest names of the Planet Earth. He is a Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist, Author, and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology. Stephen was born on 8 January of 1942, exactly 300 years after the death of Galileo. His parents moved to Oxfordshire from North London because it was the safest place to give birth during the Second World War.

His father, Frank Hawking, became the head of Parasitology at National Institute for Medical Research and that’s why they moved to St. Albans in 1950, which is in Hertfordshire. In 1953 to 58, Stephen was attending St. Albans School but his father wanted him to study in Westminster School. It never came true as Stephen fell ill on the scholarship examination day.

So, 13-year-old Stephen remained at St. Albans. Stephen wasn’t brilliant at school and many teachers confirmed that it was because he was sluggish. He was a part of Oxford rowing team and he used to control the direction of the boat.

He had a mathematics teacher called Dikran Tahta, who inspired him to know more about science. They also made a computer in 1958 with the help of clock parts, an old telescope, and other recycled things.

Stephen’s friends used to call him Einstein because of his intelligence but he used to argue with his friends about the existence of God and Christianity. He was a full atheist which is unlike Einstein.

In 1959, he began to study in Oxford. He wanted to study mathematics; but unfortunately, it wasn’t available there and that’s why he chose physics. He had begun his graduation at Trinity Hall of Cambridge in 1962; just after he received a first-class honors degree in Natural Science from Oxford.

In the last years at Oxford, he was facing clumsiness and many other difficulties, like falling from the stairs, having problems when he returned home on Christmas. His parents noticed it and preferred a medical investigation. As a result, doctors found that he had Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Motor Neuron Disease and predicted that he will survive only for two years.

Many years passed after the prediction and Stephen Hawking was still alive. Stephen attended a party and he met a girl named Jane Wilde, his sister’s friend and he liked her at once. They engaged in 1964 and married on July 14, 1965.

children; a son named Robert, who was born in May 1967; Lucy, their daughter born in November 1970 and Timothy, their son born in April 1979. As he is a Labor Party supporter, he protested against Vietnam War in March 1968 with Tariq Ali and Vanessa Redgrave.

In 1985, he caught on pneumonia and after the operation, he lost his voice. A computer programmer from California made a speech synthesizing program, which can create speech by the movements of head and eyes.

He divorced Jane in 1990 and married Elaine Mason, who was a nurse. Some nurses filed a complaint in a police station in 2004 that Stephen’s wife physically abusing him and when the also started investigation but it stopped when Stephen Hawking himself confirmed that it was a misunderstanding.

Stephen divorced Elaine Mason after his relationship and became close to his children, grandchildren and ex-wife Jane. He wrote A Brief History of Time, so everyone can understand his beliefs and know more about the universe.

He discovered the origin of the universe, the origin of time, the big bang theory, black hole radiation, Hawking radiation etc. he also has won many prizes like Presidential Medal of Freedom, Albert Einstein Medal Eddington Medal etc. This great scientist died on March 14, 2018.

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