Spider-man, the most loved kid’s buddy has done many amazing things throughout it’s every movie, every sequel. Like his first attempt to shoot his web. Wait a minute, what was he saying? Go web! Fly! Up, up and away web! Shazaam! Go! Go! Go web go! And after the “Go web go”, yay.

Uh oh! How the web did come out of his wrist? Oh yeah, from the bottom. Simultaneously, let’s take another look; was there anything the web can come from? Nope, nothing. So how the web did came from? Now, let’s knock on the real spidey’s door.

Oh I just remembered that I emailed a spider about it, It might have arrived. So, he wrote that they use a spider web; a gadget built by them out of spider protein-silk. And they shoot it from their spinnerets. Still, was there any spinneret?

Perhaps inside his wrist, so, it means that after shooting the web, he heals. No, no, no; the theories say that Spider-man doesn’t have any instant healing power like other superheroes. So, Spider-man literally hit the scientific billboard face first.

But the funniest scene in all the three sequels is the conflict with Flash – the ever changing high school bully from Peter Parker’s life. 3 different actors have played Flash since 2002 and Peter Parker’s early spidey days fights with this NOT so evil classmate has always been a major highlight of these movies.

First one’s first, back to Tobey. After Tobey uncontrollably dumped the tray on Flash after saving Mary Jane’s lunch and running from there, his reflexes, durability, speed everything already increased – this fight scene was one of the goosebumps moments of the kids of that era.

But no matter how flexible you are or fast you might be or how sharp your senses are, if you don’t have much control on them, they’re literally nothing. So, how logical was that? Even with the reflexes, speed and senses, fighting is a tricky thing as some shots would definitely go wrong. Well, fortunately, nothing much can go wrong when you are Spider-man, right?

Number 2

In The Amazing Spider-man, the basketball scene wasn’t any exchange of blows but much like one sided tilt at Flash. Take the ball, huh? Not that easy. Spidey’s speed outshined the motion. Okay, now let’s come to just take it, here a little “spidey quirk” like his hairy palms. Here it’s a bit logic they used. We saw in Spider-man that Peter has small hairs on his palms.

Spiders also have small hairs which are also covered with smaller hairs known as setules, having unique triangular tips which let them to climb up walls and others. We’ve seen it in Spider-man that Peter discovers it as his first superpower in Spider-man. It was applied here as well, when Peter had the ball, the hairs on his palms or setules grabbed the ball so strongly that Flash couldn’t snatch it. Also he needs to control his power as well, when he was going to shoot the ball to basket then… uh oh!

Number 3

If we talk about Spider-man: Homecoming’s Flash, then he’s much of an innocent one compared to his previous versions. He is not hawkish-like, limited to “you’re dead”. Not much to explain here as stark tech isn’t wrong.

Since you’re with us, here’s a bonus for you. You can own spider web shooters for real. The toy industry is now offering Spider-man gloves for about a decade, as well available for adults. Kicking off with just shooting darts and plastic webbing attached with silly string, it evolved with sound, light as well iconic dialogues of the hero. So, you can also be quite a Spider-man by yourself now.

So, which Flash and which fight scene was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section. Or just let us know your age, we will figure it out.

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