“Just in time, I believe, I’ve isolated the algorithm for making friends.”

Seriously Sheldon?! How can there be an algorithm for making friends? Leonard’s reaction was quite similar after hearing out Sheldon. “Sheldon, there is no algorithm for making friends”

“So, hear him out if he’s really onto something we could open a booth at Comic-Con, make a fortune” Might be as human behavior is more predictable than we can even imagine. The researchers say that human behaviors are about 93 percent predictable.

Interestingly, a research took place very recently, where the researchers studied the mobility patterns of anonymous mobile users. Meaning that they had no volunteers but the ordinary people as research gunny pigs, so, if you were in their area, you were also one of them. Most amazingly, they found an unbelievable regular pattern. Howard, now you can go for the booth idea.

“Have you thought about putting him in a crate while you’re out of the apartment?” Yeah, sometimes I also felt that you all should’ve done it but now let’s listen to him, it might be a great idea; as well a revolutionary algorithm.

“See my initial approach to Kripke had the same deficiencies as those to play Stu the Cockatoo, when he was new at the zoo.” Okay Mr. Sheldon, so, this terrific book has guided you to the process but what’s your algorithm?

Okay, so first, for pursuing one’s friendship, the two of them first share a meal together. Then perhaps, time for a hot beverage like tea, coffee or cocoa. But sometimes, it fails. Any alternative? Oh yeah, then they can try some recreational activities like sharing some common interests.

“Tell me an interest of yours” And “Is there any chance you love monkeys? It wasn’t wrong with you everybody loves monkeys” Sheldon, sorry to tell ya but I don’t like monkeys as well. And tell you a thing? You’re stuck in a loop.

“I can fix it” Yeah Howard, I think you should. [Howard writing on board, fast forward]

Brilliant! Now, it’s much easier and complete. Partake in interest. Good job Howard. So, how true Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s how to make a friend algorithm? Let’s see what the human behavior researchers say, “Spontaneous individuals are largely absent from the population. Despite the significant differences in travel patterns, we found that most people are equally predictable, – The predictability represents the probability we can foresee an individual’s future whereabouts in the next hour based on his or her previous trajectory. We tend to assume that it’s much easier to predict the movement of those who travel very little over those who regularly cover thousands of miles; yet, we have found that despite our heterogeneity, we are all almost equally predictable.”

Meaning we can believe Mr. Cooper. And the how to make a friend algorithm is quite a bit useful for them who doesn’t have friends. Still, you behave yourself as they if you use the chart completely to make friends, they would love the Dr. Sheldon in you but not you. Be yourself.

“Gee, why can’t Sheldon make friend” Howard. You better ask them dear.

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