In the current world of transportation, we use fossil fuel to power our cars, trains, and everything. Which causes a flood of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse gas. Ultimately, our planet is getting hotter. That’s why researchers have created such way that we can create fuel out of carbon dioxide.

Mimicking the photosynthesis is a very old dream of the scientists, using sunlight’s energy to merge together carbon dioxide’s hydrocarbon fuels and water. And recently, an extremely cheap new catalyst has accomplished a part of it using electricity from the solar cell for splitting carbon dioxide into oxygen and energy-rich carbon monoxide.

The experts thought that it would be extremely expensive, at least $600 for removing a metric ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. But a Canadian company says that they can suck carbon dioxide $94. Most of which rely on preceding technologies and processes which we’re already using for cooling towers and paper mills.

The way they provided has three main steps. At the first step, a contractor sucks the outside air exposing it to an alkaline liquid. The air turns into rich in carbon dioxide water as it meets the strong base. After it, they undergo a number of chemical reactions separating the base from acid.

And at the last stage, carbon dioxide is merged with hydrogen, converting into liquid fuel. Though it is not enough for competing with the gasoline scientists say that it will.

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