Scientists are working hard for centuries to build an android, a humanoid robot which can match human ability. However, the outcomes of such researches were humanoids like Erika and Sophia. Now, the University of Tokyo has introduced a new fascinating feature which will be marked as a revolutionary invention in the history of AI.

Two cousin siblings, Kenshiro and Kengoro were built with unprecedented similarities to human anatomy and their special design granted them to move in such ways that were close to natural human movement.

They are experts doing exercises alike human beings; like sit-ups, push-ups even stretches. You’ll be surprised to know that these robots can sweat! Well, not literally sweating as humans do but similar and close to similar reason. When the cousins do any activity, they often heat up; which requires water, so it is functioned to cool the system flowing water through everywhere.

This is an amazing piece of technology that is the proof that how the invention of AI is evolving And these cousins proved that as the technology is evolving, they can be the best rescue and search robots because of their amazing flexible movements than others.

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