It is now a common thing in the science fiction movies, the parallel universes. Though it is a topic of entertainment these days it started extremely seriously.

And now, researchers at the Griffith University are challenging the coexisting duplicate and many universes’ theory, predicting a new radical theory based on existence and interactions between parallel universes. The theory is called Many Interacting World’s hypotheses.

According to the idea, when parallel universes exist, they interact. Because according to their theory, universes sway each other for evolving rather than evolving independently. Which can explain all the bizarre of quantum mechanics.

“I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics,” said Richard Feynman, an American theoretical physicist. And it seems that he was a little wrong.

The theory indicates that some worlds are almost the same as our worlds inhabited by the same things as this one. But there’s a distributing fact about the parallel worlds, which is if you come to a situation where death is possible (Just joking, it isn’t always death but some point where you gets confused like when you grab the bread and get confused whether you will take the jam or the butter) and you survived in this world then it means, you’re dead in the parallel universe.

Till now, our universe has survived a bunch of cosmic attacks. So does this mean that our parallel universe couldn’t survive them? If so, chances are higher that we have no existing parallel universes.

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