Saturn is losing its rings more quickly than you can think. Saturn’s rings are one of the astronomical wonders that humans have seen. And now, it is said that it won’t be there forever. When the Voyager Mission went to the Gas Giant in 1980s, it found that the ring of Saturn rains on itself.

It’s raining 10,000 kilograms of ring rain on Saturn per second which can fill an Olympic-sized pool in half an hour. But what is the rain? The rain is the disintegrated remains of Saturn’s rings. Constant collisions caused by tiny meteorites and UV ray causes the icy particles to vaporize, then they form charged water molecules which interact with Saturn’s magnetic field and enters the atmosphere.

While falling, they burn up in the atmosphere. Studying the nature of the rain, scientists thought. The ring would disappear in about 300 million years. Before death, Cassini took a closer survey on the rain. Based on the study, scientists are now saying, the rings had only 100 million years left to live.

Well, scientists also found out that the rings are quite newborn. Saturn first formed around 4.5 Billion years ago, while the rings are only 100- 200 million years old. You’re lucky that you can see it now, enjoy it

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