It was 2015 when the rumors about Apple’s electric car initiative started after a strange report’s claim. And in the last one and a half years, the fog from the rumor was clear.

The name of the project was revealed as Project Titan. It is also heard that Apple is thinking to operate the project in Sunnyvale, California; under a shell company known as SixtyEight Research.

Hiring employees from several companies including Ford, Mercedes, Fiat, even Tesla; rumors also said that Apple has created the team with more than 600 employees, which Elon Musk referred to as Tesla Graveyard.

It is heard that Apple will launch it by 2021. And recently, in last year, Macalister Higgins tweeted a short video on his tweeter on the Apple Car. The car had a converted Lexus SUV loaded with autonomous hardware and sensors with the compute stack on the roof; also with a device with six light ranging and detection radar units.

They can see depths, it is also considered as an essential piece of technology for deploying self-driving cars. But after Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple confirmed it, the details about the project trickled. But as we are moving towards the release date, more and more details are unleashing.

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