Typing a message? Some words are autonomously been guessed. It is a common thing, AI word makers. But scientists soon are bringing such software which will guess your future actions.

Developed by computer scientists at the University of Bonn, Germany, this successfully made it to the next level by predicting human behaviors minutes before. But don’t think that it is some kind of boring research paper kind of precognition.

It’s a bit interesting like, after a hard day when you will reach home, your butler robot will hand you a decent coffee before you ask for it. The research team said, “We want to predict the timing and duration of activities minutes or even hours before they happen,”

They have tested it with two completely different neural works. They have trained it first. They showed it a video of a person cooking a dish and then of another person preparing the similar meal. This might seem like a doddle. Like, if someone grabs the jam and a plate; then he will naturally go for the bread which is in the refrigerator and then for the toaster. But it’s not a piece of cake for the computers.

And as even people need practice, they have tested to see if the program can predict what the chef is cooking and will do next, by showing similar videos.

The team said, “Accuracy was over 40 percent for short forecasting periods, but then declined the more the algorithm needed to look into the future.”

They said it because at first, it did great. But the more it predicted future, the more mistakes it made. And after a long exam, the scientists realized that the program can look into the future for the duration of about three minutes. It might seem not much but it is the first step in establishing a solid ground for the artificial intelligence’s future.

They will present their result at the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition of the year.

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