The journey had embarked on counting the steps, Apple’s health and fitness trackers’ features are evolving apace to infrared sensors for tracking heart rate, monitoring running pace, breathing, and sleep for every fitness and lifestyle use.

Apple is bringing its Series 4 with a new surprise. They’re upgrading it to a more medical device-like gadget. The new Apple Watch will come along an ECG Monitor or Electrocardiogram Monitor with an IR Sensor. The sapphire crystal back is set down with electrodes. There’s a crown on its side after you’ll touch it opening the app, it’ll perform a similar ECG test to 1-lead portable EGC.

This device had already achieved the FDA clearance for using its sensor and an escorting app which will help to detect atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbreak leading to stroke, blood clots, heart failure, and other heart complications. While a survey suggests that approximately 2.7 million people have A-fib (atrial fibrillation).

“I think many health systems and medical device companies of the world have always believed that these tech companies have been too afraid to move into regulated healthcare space, – But I think this proves otherwise, that Apple is more than willing to engage with the FDA. It’s one of the most striking and aggressive examples to date of tech companies starting to eat their way into healthcare.” Said the Director of the Next Generation Healthcare Institute at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York; Joel Dudley.

But Adriana Quinones-Garcia, a cardiologist at University of New York Langone Health said that measuring the crowd with an abnormal heartbeat would be harder but people don’t like wearing current diagnosing monitors for their enormous size.

As she said, “Having a device that the patients already use as part of their everyday life and have with them at all times where they can very quickly have a symptom and very quickly generate an ECG can be extremely helpful,”

But how would people read the data? Everyone ain’t a doctor! People, who are in continuous diagnosis, can configure their doctor’s continuity plan. They would upload the data in an electronic health record system and the doctors will receive an alert if anything goes wrong.

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