Mariana Trench is one of the mysteries of the world. We know that the highest peak is Mount Everest and the deepest ocean is the Pacific. And the Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean.

This deep groove is in the western Pacific Ocean, Mariana is a huge “v” shape Troff, which is 15,000 km long and then 11000 meters depth. Something tall as Everest could be simple dropped in this and visually bottomless canal. And still would be left over 8km of water to the surface. For ages, it was believed that emptiness, reined and life there a priory was impossible. In such a renowned and Monstrous deep place, the Soviet ship vidya provided otherwise in 1958. Scientist discovered life at a depth of 7000 meters, more and more evidence was revealed that the inhabitants of the Mariana trench, existed not only in large number, but also that time the EATSs had not affected them in the list.

In addition to kinds of bacteria, invertebrates, and mollusks. There are enormous unidentified to this day.triesch, reached the lowest point of the world ocean, so-called challenger abyss, almost 1,000 meters below sea level. These two brave men remained there for no more than 20 these two minutes. But they saw enough to say that there is life in the pit bottom of Mariana Trench. The discovery was a worldwide sensation. The atmosphere is 1,100 times denser than the normal ocean level, about 3 tons per square centimeters. Even the steel deforms the face of such monumental forces, but a fish that lives there, somehow, feels nothing! Huge muscles and strange subspecies of fish is unknown to science, bizarrely thrive in such conditions.

Many years later, the records of Jacques Piccard’s board documents were declassified, the blood runs cold in the reviews and the information found in researcher’s records describe terrifying events about halfway up the abyss. It was a quoted a Large shaped disc object that windows the object is maneuvering and clearly looking at us” unfortunately or perhaps for the sake of adventure, the object disappeared from view a few minutes,1985, the crew of the American ship Alomar challenger, carefully studied the of the yawning crushing concavity, loading the 9 meters ball-shaped device called the hedgehog into the depth.


Suddenly, the computer began to record the strangest sounds. The cables, holding the probe, stretchers rushed to bring the device back to the surface to find out the reasons for these strange happenings. They attempted to pull it in but the hedgehog did not move. There. In the depth, something held fast to the device and wouldn’t let it go finally after 3 hours of fighting, their machines could raise the probe. The unknown force had released it and then, as the probe is pulled out of the sea, a terrible sight was revealed to the scientists. The probe looked to have been n the jaws of sea monsters. They had bite marks on metal plates and some of the steel cables had been turning off.

According to to to the official version, the bottom of the Mariana trench is covered by moisture, but the prices where the studies were conducted, was barren, there was not a single rock. There was nothing that could be trapped probe. After systematically revealing all of the long-term reports from the researchers, their verdict, there is a giant relic, the monster megalodon, damaged the cables and the platform. These high, prehistoric sharks which weighed about 50 tons and was 22 meters is a long-extinct ancestor of today’s sharks it was believed that it disappeared more than a million and a half years ago.


But, if the report is correct, the megalodon not disappeared from this world. After all but found shelter in the depth of Mariana Trench. The scientist found a giant tooth of the size of a man’s to the hand! The meticulous study confirmed that the tooth did belong to the ancient creature megalodon. Some years later, a Japanese dry cargo ship which passed over the historic trench, it received a severe blow to its side which literally made the ship jump on the water. The same time, the water surface was absolutely calm.

There were no reefs for other obstacles nearby recently the scientists during a recent expedition, found an abnormal jellyfish which looks like an alien of another planet, the body of that jellyfish with its long tentacles, glow in red and yellow. Scientists have captured on video the creature belongs to jellyfish genus crossota and have two sets of tentacles. The tentacles as we can see extended strange while the body remains motionless.

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