A girl with superhuman power is born! The girl claims that she can see the body structures and internal organs of any person except her. This 17-year-old, Russian born girl’s name is Natasha Demkina, and this teenager girl can see you more clearly than the diagnoses of doctors. Many doctors, journals, and others have also declared that her powers are real.

The producer of Discovery Channel made a documentary on her in March 2004. Natasha was asked by the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) and the Associated Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mantel Health (CSMMH) to give them permission so they can scientifically check and test the claims about the girl is true or false. To investigate, CSICOP researchers Ray Hymen, Richard Wiseman and Andrew A. Skolnick designed an initial test. And after Natasha, her mother, their agent and the producer agreed to the rules of the test, they all traveled to New York Campus’s City College to film the test.

The professor of psychology at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Dr. Hyman and the Professor of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom; Dr. Wiseman both has great experience in testing people who claimed they had some paranormal powers. And Andrew has worked as an associate editor and investigative reporter for the journal of the American medical association.

According to their test, they doubted Natasha may be using a technique known as cold reading which is used by psychics, astrologists and fortune tellers. This technique is very useful on them who believe in these things very quickly or weak minded.

Comparably, Natasha watches or scans her patient from head to toe and then gives a long list of abnormalities with the correct description. And she says, she sees. She gave a whole description of Mr. Skolnick’s malformations.

Like, his neck vertebrae were very tight and too close, the bronchial tubes of his lungs had phlegm the muscle of his heart’s left is a little weak and valves closes late, the mucosa of his stomach is unusual, a segment of his liver was expended and he was suffering poor bile circulation, his duodenum has a small scar, his prostate gland has a nodule and is inflamed, his right kidney is expand.

She also told him not to sign an organ donor card. And the most shocking thing is neither Andrew nor his physician knew about these problems! So, it means that she can see even those abnormalities which the tests of doctors often miss. And if he wants to prove her wrong, he would be to submit to an autopsy which he doesn’t want to do. So they planned another simple task which will prove does she uses cold reading or not.

In the test six patients with the different medical condition were recruited with and one person who had no condition, like those volunteers. Natasha was given six cards with each described the medical condition of the target in both English and Russian. They also gave her anatomical drawings so she can understand what exactly she had to find and where to find without mentioning the name of the person.

The conditions of the targets were: a removed appendix, a removed lower section of the esophagus, metal staples left in the chest after surgery, an artificial hip joint, a surgically removed upper section of the left lung and a metal plate covering a removed section of the skull.

To pass the test, she had to match at least five target medical conditions which shouldn’t be much hard for her; because she doesn’t have to check the entire body but to check some specific parts which were on the cards. Still, it took her over fours to complete the test and shockingly she only found four of the condition accurately.

Her most noticeable misdiagnosis was she failed to see a large metal plate covering a missing section of the skull in a mind who had removed a large brain tumor. Natasha indicated that she saw a metal plate and a missing skull section in a man who had a removed appendix but a normal skull.

Now, anyone is allowed to get checked by Natasha by only $13. It might seem a very low cost but for an extremely low-income family in Russia, it is a lot of money to shell out. And Natasha has a dream of working in the medical field where she can use her ability for good of people.

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