There’s no doubt that surviving almost 20,000 feet under the surface of the ocean is extremely hard for any life. Still, life exists 6,000 meters beneath the ocean’s surface. This is almost 19,685 feet, but I am talking 8,000 meters which are 2,000 meters extra than the previous one with water pressure of 800 times than the surface.

Also, the temperature is just above freezing point with no light around you. Well, it is a benefit for the animal that is soft and squishy and the name of the animal is the Mariana Snailfish. Mackenzie Gerringer from the University of Washington said, “They don’t look very robust or strong for living in such an extreme environment, but they are extremely successful”

Well, it is hard to believe that an animal without any hard shell or extreme protection can survive in a place where the water pressure is so much that it almost feels like an elephant standing on an average sized person. Shockingly the pink-skinned soft fish can survive there, which is no bigger than the human palm and has a transparent skin with all organs beneath are visible.

An environmental scientist, Thomas Linley said, “Snailfishes have adapted to go deeper than other fish and can live in the deep trenches.” and as you can see from the picture (which is given below) that you can see what’s inside its stomach, probably a shrimp or crustacean that it has had for lunch.

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