What is the theory of everything? The physicists say that the theory of everything is the final, ultimate and master theory and a hypothetical single, all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of physics fully explaining and linking together all physical aspects of the say, does everything means everything or just something?

Well, if we go with the explanations of physicists then it is the yes.

According to the physicists, the theory of everything is the combined theory of all physical fields including fields that we generally associate with many forms of matter besides the fields that are considered as forces. Theoretically, if you have the equations f a TOE at hand, it would be possible to derive all natural laws from them including each and every law of physics, chemistry even molecular biology that’s how everything means everything.

The theory of everything would be a step, up from a GUT, also known as the grand unified theory that unifies each and every form of matter and the three Gouge fields of interactions such as electromagnetism, the week and strong nuclear force but not gravity. A theory like this would replace the rather flawed unification in the particle physics standard model with something much more basic or fundamental and also explain some things that even standard model cannot explain including the observed masses of the fermions and the facts that electrons and photons have an opposite but otherwise identical charge. As people say that the statement implied by the first half of the equation is completely true.

There are certainly a lot of terms in physics that cannot and shouldn’t be taken, literally. Gauge theory, for example, the name came from the tern gauge invariance. That precisely makes invariance under a change of scale but that meaning changed in future. In these days, referring under a variety abstract of continuous equalities, like changes in the complex space in the quantum wavefunction and when we have reached here, what about the word quantum? Sure, it initially came to be because the fledging hypothesis was part of the attempt for describing why atoms are made or observed energy in quanta. It takes many to a wrong understanding of the quantum theory.

Which is the assumption that the theory is about chopping up microscopic things into microscopic building blocks, but it’s not the case, this theory is basically about representing physical degrees of freedom applying mathematical entities that behave differently from the numbers. At present, there’s no candidate theory of everything which includes the standard model of particle physics and general relativity. Also, no candidate theory can calculate the fine structure constant or the mass of the electron. Most particle physicists expect that the result of the ongoing experiments the search for the new particles at the large particle acceleration and for dark matter are essential for proving further input for a TOE.

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