Building an android, or human-like robots have been the dream of humans for a long time; and as our technology is evolving, we’ve progressed much in the field of building some amazing artificial intelligence or AI. Among them, Erica is the most human-like a robot that has been created until now.

Erica is the most human-like robot created by Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro and architect Dr. Dylan Glas. Erica’s skin is made of silicone which made her look more like a human. She has 20 percent of her freedom because she still can’t move her arms or legs.

She has a pair of 16 channel microphone arrays. She can locate sounds and its origins. She can detect the presence and location of precise people around her using 14 infrared depth sensors. According to Dr. Ishiguro, “Erica is different because she is quite autonomous.”

So, it is possible that robots will think like us, feel like us and live like us. It’s also possible that they will rule the future, besides us. Science has many surprises in store for us; Erica is only one of them.

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