The myth of the power of invisibility is found everywhere. From the science fiction series Star Trek to magical Harry Potter. And what if we try this thing is real life?

For achieving cloaking feat, they developed what is called Metamaterials. These are capable of bending the electromagnetic radiation curving them beside the object in such a way that it will seem like the object isn’t there.

So, what is this Metamaterial?

The Metamaterials are such kind of materials that engineers created for producing such properties that don’t occur naturally. As light is made of perpendicular vibrations of magnetic and electric fields, it is electromagnetic radiation. And the kind of Metamaterial used in the case of bending the lights is made up of the lattice, the spacing between elements less than light’s wavelength.

And scientists already have created silk based cloak. It uses concentric rings pair having split ring resonators. And as the human body doesn’t reject silk, scientists are creating the cloaking device in such a way that doctors can use them in surgery for coating the internal organs.

The invisibility cloaking also works in another way, obviously using Metamaterials, known as Superlensing.

Sir John Pendry, a professor at Imperial College, London predicted in 2000 that a Metamaterial with negative refractive index might have problems, including wave decay allowing the images of the object in nanometers.

In brief, it’s the best resolution that is possible corresponds to about half of the incident wavelength of the light that is used to produce the image. So, now we can predict to have some fascinating invisibility cloaks in the future.

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