The demonstration flight of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket is the second proof that the Kennedy space station of NASA, which is in Florida is continuing to born as the first multi-user spaceport of the nation. The new vehicle of falcon heavy successfully launched from the historic launch complex of NASA, 39a at Kennedy on 6th February.

Also, on the successful launch of Falcon Heavy, Robert Lightfoot, acting NASA administer congratulated the entire team of SpaceX. he said “All of us in this business know the effort it takes to get the first flight of any new vehicle and recognize the tremendous accomplishment we witnessed today, I am really proud of the hard work of our NASA team, in particular at Kennedy for the transformation into a multi-user spaceport. Watching the Falcon heavy rise above the historic pad that has been the launch point for so many critical missions is a true testament to the hard-working transitioning our nations launch infrastructure in support to the commercial launch industry”

The director of Kennedy space Bob Cabana also expressed congratulations on the launch saying, “The successful launch of a new vehicle on its first flight is a significant accomplishment they can be proud of, as a multi-user spaceport, I look forward to the continued expansion of commercial spaceflight from Kennedy and integration of a new class of launch vehicle into our nation’s space program.” Also, NASA signed a 20-year property agreement in 2014 for the launch pad’s used operation. Kennedy sought partnership with the aerospace industry of the US to use formal space shuttle facilities and in these days, NASA has partnerships with almost 90 companies which authorize commercial space manufacturing, processing and launch operations along space coast of Florida.

The first significant partnership of Kennedy with industry allowed Boeing to use orbiter processing facility 3 which is now known as the commercial crew and cargo processing facility or C3PF. The CST-100 named star liner spacecraft is slated to carry astronauts is Boeing manufacturing and processing there, it is stated to carry astronauts to the international space station for commercial crew program of NASA. Similarly, SpaceX will launch astronauts from launch complex 59A for NASA. Several

NASA employees serve as customer advocates and support the commercial partners of the space center. Through reimbursable space act agreement, NASA provides services which are required at a spaceport. A NASA customer advocate also a supporter of SpaceX, Robyn Mitchell said, “We support launch campaign activities such as propellant and life.

Support services, which includes providing commodities such as helium and nitrogen to support the launch, flight hardware transport and roadblock security support near the launch pad” Mitchell monitors the processing and facilities schedules of the partner in her customer advocate role and help ensure their operations and mission milestones are met. It includes integrating support plans in response to the requests of partners Mitchell said, “When partners, such as SpaceX, are preparing for a launch, we have support readiness reviews, while SpaceX is responsible for the launch vehicle and payload, NASA organizations verify support requests are completed and confirm the readiness of Kennedys facilities, equipment and in restructuring for launch”

Mitchell noted that her office’s ongoing responsibilities are the key to establishing and maintaining a multi-user support capability at Kennedy, especially, working with the commercial partners to help them identify technical requirements, anticipate operational impacts launch infrastructure and capabilities of the center the test is the proof of NASA Kennedy space center’s transformation to the multi-user spaceport.

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