Elon Musk’s aspiration is well known in the whole world that he is sending astronauts to colonize Mars. But, why Mars?

Musk often says that if we want to make humanity a multiplanet species then the thing that is eventually needed is a self-sustaining a civilization on Mars. Here we can assume that Musk is working for the long-term future of humanity. And that’s why he is up to conquering another land, especially the Red one for humanity. Though only a tiny amount of crowd would want to participate in it.

His new project, called the BFR Project will work on the mission to mars aspiration. Perhaps the prediction of late theoretical physicist and cosmologist Professor Stephen Hawking that earth will turn into a fireball by 2600.

Also, along with the colony on Mars, Musk also proposed a base on the moon which would make the mission easy and safe, as compared with the size of Mars. Musk also wrote, “There is a huge amount of risk. It is going to cost a lot. There is a good chance we will not succeed, but we are going to do our best and try to make as much progress as possible.”

And when SpaceX has a golden history of overcoming everything they wanted to do, we can say that it will also be a success.

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