Recently, the Warner Bros. Television, CBS, and Chuck Lorry Productions in a joint statement had announced the end of The Big Bang Theory. However, the producers decided that the twelfth season will be the last season of the show, kicking off in September.

Reportedly, the cast of the Big Bang Theory isn’t much happy about it. Mayim Bialik (Amy Farrah Fowler) wrote in Grok Nation, a blog post of her:

Am I happy? Of course not. This has been my job since Melissa Rauch (Bernadette Rostenkowski) and I joined the cast as regulars in season 4. I love my job. I love my castmates, and I feel such appreciation for our incredible crew, our brave writers, our entire staff, and our amazing fans … But, as a cast, we love bringing joy to our viewers and we will continue to do that to the best of our collective ability.

Kaley Cuoco (Penny) said that she felt as her heart Brocken in two and she also said that she was drowning in tear hearing the announcement of the end of the series. She had also promised the fans that she will give her best to make the series the best one ever before the series goes out with a Bang.

Kunal Nayyar (Raj) wrote on his Instagram:

“As you may already know… and for those who you don’t. This will officially be Big Bang Theory’s last season. After 12 Season, we will be the longest running multi-camera sitcom in the history of television. There are no words in any language that can describe what my heart wants to say… the love that I feel for all of you is boundless. Without you, the fans there would be no us. Tonight I sleep with a prayer of gratitude on my lips. This isn’t goodbye… yet… still, 23 eps to shoot!”

Bill Prady, the Executive Producer of the Big Bang Theory promised that he will treasure the Big Bang Family to the end of his days. He wrote:

 “There are many ways to look at the dozen years of Big Bang Theory as we draw to a close, but for me, it will be the family that gathered each week to create a true labor of love. I will treasure my Big Bang Family until the end of my days.”

Everyone is really very shocked and sad about the sudden end of the Big Bang Family as well as the leave of Jim Parson (Sheldon Cooper). The twelfth season would be the last one that we would see the entire cast together but we hope it would end up with a bang just as they had promised!

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