SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company is building the interplanetary spaceship for sending humans to Mars and now Musk has shared live images of the Starship prototype on his Twitter.

The Tesla and SpaceX legend Elon Musk is one of the most controversial entrepreneurs in the world came into headlines for taking Tesla private or selling flamethrowers in order to fund his tunnel project, he has done everything.

Recently he has been expelled as the Tesla CEO, and his fans and critics know that he now has a dream of dying on the Red Planet, and the process has already started and Elon is setting a completely new society on Mars.

And now SpaceX is busy developing the starship prototype so his dream comes true. And then they’ll send humans, and Musk will go to the Martian society. Recently, he chose Twitter to share the concept image of his dream project, which is being developed at one of the company’s testing facilities.

The image shows the first two parts of “test hopper”, which whispers that the Starship would fly earlier than expected, perhaps the coming spring. Getting confused hearing Starship? Well, it was previously known as BFR or Big Falcon Rocket. Though Elon Musk used to refer the interplanetary transporter as BFR he said that it will now be called Starship.

You can see the picture; it’s just the upper stage, the spaceship of the rocket that Elon Musk is calling “Starship” while the rocket booster on the right side is “Super Heavy”. SpaceX also shared some details about the mission in September, first unmanned test flight might begin in late 2019 and tickets to travel to Mars will cost you around $200,000 each.

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