Dogs are man’s best friend. So true! They understand our feeling better than ourselves, believe it or not, it is true. When they realize that you’re sad, they give you more cuddles as well tries to take your mind away from what is making you sad and tries to engage in something else. When you’re happy, they come and give you more happiness. They never leave their friends, no matter what happens. But sometimes, we fail to understand our friend’s feelings and what they are trying to say. So guys, here are some of the common signs of dogs and what they really mean.

The dog shakes his tail

If the dog shakes his tail slowly, he doesn’t understand what’s going on and is asking you what you want him to do. When the dog’s tail is shaking rapidly, this means he admits that you are in charge.

The tail is raised and tremors slightly

The dog is using a challenge to your authority because he considers himself to be in charge of the situation. Meaning that something is going very wrong and you are making the situation worse and now he is the hero who’s gonna solve it.

The tail is tucked between the legs

It’s a sign that the dog is scared, afraid of pain or feels uncomfortable. If there are no obvious reasons for concern and your pet tucks his tail quite often, you should take him to a vet. He might be suffering from some kind of pain.

The eyes are wide open and alert

This is how your pet tries to get your attention. He is saying, “Look at me buddy, I am here waiting for you for more than a decade! Are you gonna look at me or not?” He’s challenging you and expects you to respond.

The dog squints and blinks

This means he’s ready to play. Your laptop and couch have bored him too much and now he wants you to come outside and spend some time with him. He’s your best friend, and something more than the laptop or mobile; go spend some time with him. But if he squints a lot his eyes, it might be something painful and you should take him to a vet.

The Ears are standing straight up or inclined forward

The dog is showing you that he is curious and reacting to any new event in his environment. Such as, perhaps your new neighbor skips in the evening which others don’t, it’s a new thing for him.

The ears are flattened against the head

It is a sign that the dog is scared of something or someone. Sometimes your pet may have only one ear down and most of the time it is the left one. This is how dogs react to unfamiliar people or people they are afraid of.

The dog yawns

This action means the dog is grumpy and nervous. Puppies do this quite often when they are surrounded by big unfamiliar dogs. Most of the time this happens when you keep your pet in the house and don’t take him outside which can cast a big impact on the dog. Your dog will soon become more coward and inactive because of this which can cause his death. So, be careful with that. But if your pet yawns after you did, this means he is very attached to you.

The dog licks his face

The dog does this when he is stressed or feeling pressure or danger. Meaning that you have done something which is embarrassing him or something is happening in his area which is dangerous or stressful.

The dog exposes his teeth, but there’s no snarling

This means the dog is protecting his territory from some kind of outsider. It might be another dog or someone else he doesn’t know and feels unsecured and stressed to lose his area. Pets also often do this while eating. Just like when you touch your friend’s burger and he gets angry.

The dog rolls over and exposes his belly

The dog is showing that he trusts you and wants to please you. Just like your best friend trusts you, and best friends also do awkward things which pleases you, but most of the time it’s really embarrassing. Okay, forget it. What I was saying, if you rub your dog’s belly after he rolls over, you’ll show you’re pleased with our pet’s behavior.

The dog puts his head on your knee

This means the dog wants to get your attention and shows that he needs you. If a pet touches the owner’s hands with his nose, he wants him to pet him. When a pet first meets someone and thinks that he can trust that person, he does it.

The dog has one front paw raised

This stance means your pet wants to ask you something. Maybe he is hungry or wants to play or noticed something interesting. This interesting thing can be anything. But most of the time it is he wants to play with you. But don’t forget about the interesting thing.

The dog turns his back

This action means that your friend trusts you. They do many things to make tell you how much he trusts you and how he feels comfortable, relaxed and secured around you, like the exposing his belly and others.

The dog shakes

Dogs may shake just like they shake off water after a bath. Especially when having a cold bath in winter, that’s really freezing. Uh! Jokes apart, this means that something bad has ended and he got relief from the tension and now it’s time to rest.

So now you know, next time when a dog would do these things, take it as they want to say something or revealing its physical and mental state. But the dog’s characteristic depends on how weird you are, if you’re awkward then, believe me, these will work very little. So, try to understand your buddy in the new way he is representing himself. Here’s an extra tip, always keep your buddy happy, it is best than anything.

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