Time Crystals and Majorana Fermions are now the hot topics in the science world as it’s revealed that these are extremely awkward. And knowing this, some scientists are saying that their couple is more reliable for quantum computing.

Physicists from the National University of Singapore predicted this phenomenon of the theoretical quirky couple. They claim that the similarities between them time crystals and Majorana fermions can be utilized in another famous phenomenon, called a topological quantum computer.

Instead of just getting stretched out over three spatial time dimensions, they get repeated over time. As time crystals correspond to regular old crystals. In which, they’re based on repeating units.

And here comes a truly awkward this. That is this resonance in particle’s movements doesn’t rely on a constant energy source. But wait, you can’t call it a perennial motion machine. As you can’t remove the time crystal as the supply of the free energy. Thus no rule is broken. That ticking yet can play a role in storing data, turning them into what is known as magic states.

And here comes the Majorana Fermions. About 80 years ago, a theoretical physicist Ettore Majorana proposed the theoretical elementary particles which are their own antiparticles. Possessing a half spin, they’re chunky stuff which makes up atoms.

Though physicists failed coming up with one of the special two-in-one particles of Ettore. But physicists claims of having the second best thing, Quasiparticles. These can be created for moving in a unique twisting way as shot down a conductor. For a topological quantum computer, the braid motion is a perfect bet.

Braiding refers to exchanging the location of two particles. We know in real life, there are different types of braids. Converting one braid to another requires certain operations that nature can’t do by itself. Also, as other quantum states are very fragile, braids ain’t. The only trick is harnessing Majorana Fermions in such a way that we can use them for building the device.

Making the Majorana Fermions from time crystals has a greater chance of braiding a fascinating new option. As for quantum computation because researchers exploited their time-domain features and thus obtain more qubits for encoding information.

Researchers created behavior of a particles’ lattice acting as a time crystal. Manipulating the special particles making them act like they’re braiding. Which can allow for states that can be the operations’ foundation in a universal quantum computer.

So, now what is required is that they have to study it more to know how to ramp up the process allowing braids to travel through wires’ array creating more intricate patterns.

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