Musk’s Neuralink Announcement: Connect Your Brain With Computer

“It’s going to encourage other countries and companies to raise their sights and say we can do something bigger and better which is great.” Elon Musk is practicing what he had preached- building something that can bring a revolutionary change in the world. What if you turn into a Cyborg someday? That’s what Elon Musk is planning to do. While in an hour-long live interview, Elon Musk declared: “I think we’ll have something interesting to announce in a few months … that’s better than anyone thinks is possible,” Musk said, “Best case scenario, we effectively merge with AI.” Elon...

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Humanoid Erica Wants To Be More Like Humans

Building an android, or human-like robots have been the dream of humans for a long time; and as our technology is evolving, we’ve progressed much in the field of building some amazing artificial intelligence or AI. Among them, Erica is the most human-like a robot that has been created until now. Erica is the most human-like robot created by Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro and architect Dr. Dylan Glas. Erica’s skin is made of silicone which made her look more like a human. She has 20 percent of her freedom because she still can’t move her arms or legs. She has...

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Scientists Built The Robot That Sweats

Scientists are working hard for centuries to build an android, a humanoid robot which can match human ability. However, the outcomes of such researches were humanoids like Erika and Sophia. Now, the University of Tokyo has introduced a new fascinating feature which will be marked as a revolutionary invention in the history of AI. Two cousin siblings, Kenshiro and Kengoro were built with unprecedented similarities to human anatomy and their special design granted them to move in such ways that were close to natural human movement. They are experts doing exercises alike human beings; like sit-ups, push-ups even stretches....

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New Neutral Network Software Can Predict Future Minutes

Typing a message? Some words are autonomously been guessed. It is a common thing, AI word makers. But scientists soon are bringing such software which will guess your future actions. Developed by computer scientists at the University of Bonn, Germany, this successfully made it to the next level by predicting human behaviors minutes before. But don’t think that it is some kind of boring research paper kind of precognition. It’s a bit interesting like, after a hard day when you will reach home, your butler robot will hand you a decent coffee before you ask for it. The research...

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Humanoid Sophia Become The Citizen Of Saudi Arabia

On October 15, a humanoid gained the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. It is the first time a country granted the citizenship of a humanoid! Her name is Sophia, created by David Hanson in the Hanson robotics. David Hanson’s friends also helped him in creating this robot with advanced artificial technology. Her face is modeled after actress Audrey Hepburn and she is more like human than the other robots. Her behavior is just like a normal human although others are still a little bit like robots. The manufacture of Sophia, David Hanson said that she has artificial intelligence, visual data...

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