A British mum Selwa Hussain who is the second person in the whole united kingdom having an artificial heart. Selwa Hussain had an accident after which she underwent a six-hour operation. She said, “I was so ill before and after the surgery that it has taken me all this time to get fit enough to come home,”

Yes, she was so ill that she wouldn’t have survived a transplant. But after her husband allowed to give her the artificial heart, she was moved to hare field hospital in July. Surgeons carefully took off her diseased heart and replaced it with the artificial heart with the implant and specialized unit on her back. Also in united states, it costs euro 86, 000. Selwa’s artificial heart uses a battery-powered pump and electric motor inside the bag which weighs 15lbs. the heart beats at a rate of 138 in a minute.


And about the accident, it wasn’t any car crash or plane crash, so don’t worry about it. According to the medic, it was a Cardiomyopathy. Never heard of it? Well, it is a condition that can be triggered by pregnancy. But it also happens in rare cases like one in a million.

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