The brain is one of the things that the scientists are extremely curious about. This has opened a way for a whole new science called neuroscience. As scientists are searching, experimenting and are discovering shocking answers like brain activity may continue for more than 10 minutes after the body appears to have died.

It is already proven that human brains can stay alive even the person is clinically dead following some rare incidents. In a few cases, when the doctors declared their patients to be dead after some normal observations like unreactive pupil and absence of pulse etc. but later observations really proved they are alive. You better tell your family to check your brain after your clinical death. Who can say? You would probably be alive.

They tested the patient’s brain, the results shocked the doctors. Later, the Canadian doctors confirmed his brain was working just as the human’s brain works during deep sleep. This indicates we can hear things even after death, but for how long?

Results say that a human brain can stay alive for 10 minutes without oxygen. A study found that cells revive after deaths of mice and zebrafish, and it also happens with humans too. The genes control protein production and important chemical reactions in a human body which increases in some cases after death. Probably that’s why some people can see what’s happening to them in operation theatre even when they’re half dead.

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