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A New Fossil Changed The Idea Of What Makes A Dinosaur

A fossil of a prehistoric creature, Teleocrater Rhadinus, which is just a palm-sized pelvic bone, has overturned years of research. According to the research, this slim, 2 meters long carnivorous reptile used to rule the Earth 245 million years ago, almost 10 to 15 million years before scientists thought dinosaurs have appeared. Also, there was a dimple on the fossil. A paleontologist at the Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Sterling Nesbit found it when he tilted it towards the overhead light, illuminating a small depression in the fossil. After seeing the dimple, Nesbit said that it’s not a dinosaur because...

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12 New Moons Found Orbiting The Jupiter

While searching for the Planet 9, the proposed ninth planet of our solar system thought to lurk beyond the orbit of Neptune. Using the Dark Energy Camera, an extremely sensitive tool mounted to Chile’s Blanco 4-m Telescope. “One of a dozen new moons discovered around Jupiter is circling the planet on a suicide orbit that will inevitably lead to its violent destruction,” astronomers said. Noticing the Jovian satellite for the first time on March of last year, they had to go through a long process to confirm that they’re really orbiting Jupiter. As observing something around the Gas Giant...

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10 Signs Prove Alien Life Exists!

Science is still finding the existence of aliens and some signs have already blown the minds of the scientists proving that the aliens really exist and are around us for so many years that you can’t even think that how we have ignored them for so much time. and now it can’t be ignored. And now, scientists have said how the alien life is among us and could be among us. Here are the 10 signs prove alien life exists that the scientists have proposed.   Meteorites NASA claimed a news in 2011 that they probably found the fossils of...

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