The earth was born about 4.5 billion years ago. According to the geologists, our species, humans appeared 200, 000 years ago increasing the population to one million in just 10, 000 years. It became 3 billion by 1960, 50 years ago and now it is about 7 billion of us.

If earth’s history is compared to a calendar then earth was born 24 hours ago, we emerged just 23 minutes ago and have used 33% of the earth’s energy in just 0.2 seconds. And as the global population is using the fossil fuel, natural gas, combustible renewable, coal and alternative resources, it seems that earth will soon run out of energy.

Harming the earth, causing global warming, we ended up to use the renewable energy. But the problem is, the physical space required to harness the energy sources is much bigger. And as we’re over-consuming, we need more energy. So what should we do?

Many have proposed an idea. Which is, the given land is covered already, the environmental disruption is lower as well. Based on this, a new Chinese effort has set sail sandwiching to insulate and transparent asphalt.

And when it is not the work of only one country, several ones like the Netherlands, France have also joined. They said, “There are that we have on our road… (is) approximately twice what we have on our rooftops, and if you look at the distribution in the Netherlands, we have 140, 000 kilometers of roads, and 210, 000 km are smallest types of roads. The municipal roads, smaller provincial roads. That is actually where we have the main focus, on these smaller roads which are not used as intensively as the highways but which have most of the area catching Sun.”

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