Apple will introduce their three new iPhones in early September of this year and spicy rumors have surfaced around the internet including possible changes in storage, RAM, and display. Here are some of the possible changes you might expect to see in new iPhones:

The Home may finally get ditched by Apple for their new iPhones, making all the three models completely full screen mimicking the design of iPhone X. coming with TrueDepth cameras, the iPhones will enable FaceID; the required notch as well.

One will come with LCD screen and the rest will be higher-end with AMOLED screen as well. Using much less power, the AMOLED screens will come in rich colors compared to the LCD screens. With 6.1” screen along with a resolution of 320-330 PPI rumored, the LCD versioned iPhones might simply replace the iPhone 8; meant to call just iPhone without any number and will probably be called iPhone X Plus.

Apple will bring the AMOLED ones with 4 GB RAM and the LCD iPhone will come with 3 GB; all these may come with a plausible storage option. Higher-end versions may support Apple Pencil as well; including USB-C to lightning cables and 18W USB-C power adapter with all phones enabling superfast charging.

Starting from $699 the LCD versioned iPhone can be up to $749 while the 5.8” iPhone X Plus may go up to $949; starting from $899. And the 6.5” will probably start around $999.

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