The opening of a Pandora’s Box is must whenever our physicists want to do something with the laws of physics. But don’t think that our physicist will stuff them on the shelf just because of this. They are facing them like warriors but more and more problems are coming. Now, physics has brought us some recent discoveries which are truly very odd. Here are some very off and spooky things in physics found in 2009 and 10.

Quark-Gluon Soup

In the February of 2010, scientists declared that they have created Quark-Gluon Soup in Brookhaven’s Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. It is where protons and neutrons break into their elemental building blocks called quarks and gluons.

It took high-powered collision of the atoms of gold in the accelerator in order to achieve the temperature needed to do the process. The temperature was about seven trillion degrees of Fahrenheit or four trillion degrees of Celsius.

They are the highest temperature ever reached on the planet, and this state of temperatures are 250, 000 times hotter than the sun’s center and just alike; the temperature after the birth of the universe.

Uncanny Entanglement

Quantum mechanics is full of bizarre thinks and it’s one of the strangest forecasts is particles can entangle; so that if they get separated in space, one particle can react quickly if any kind of action is performed on the other particle.

Scientists declared in June of 2009 that entanglement in a new type of system was measured, which was a couple of separated vibrating particles. All the past experiments had tangled the inner stuff of particles, for example, spin states. But this is the first time scientists are able to tangle the pattern of motion of the particles; this is a system which resembles the largest, everyday world.

Borromean Rings

Scientists have created a very old symbol of mathematics which can be seen in second century’s Afghan Buddhist Art. Borromean named symbol portrays three rings attached with one another in such way that if you detach any ring among them, they all will come apart.

Many physicists foretold that particles should be able to form this same arrangement, but it was very hard and so no scientist or physicist was able to do it till now. December of 2009 was the date when the announcement of final realization was made, came 40 years after the forecast.

Light’s Knots

Your eyes might see the light traveling straight. It is true but sometimes it entangles like knots. Researchers reported in January of 2010 that they have bent laser beam into pretzel shapes using a computer-controlled hologram.

All the holograms were specially created so they can send light in certain directions and shapes. A mathematical field was used by researchers called knot theory, so they can study the resulting loops. The physicists said that these spins of light known as optical vortices could have implications for the future of laser devices.

Matter Bending Light

The direction of light can be bent my matter, just a little math and congratulations you’ve bent light. But what would you do if I tell you to bend matter with light? An experiment has shown that matter can be bent by lights; which is ribbons of nanoparticles, reported by some scientists who themselves couldn’t believe it after witnessing this phenomenon.

The lead researcher Nikolas Kodov, who is an engineer at the University of Michigan said, “I didn’t believe it at the beginning – to be honest, it took us three and a half years to really figure out how photons of light can lead to such a remarkable change in rigid structures a thousand times bigger than molecules.”

The nanoparticles’ exterior was made of cadmium sulfide, which is the inorganic compound with the formula CdS, yellow color. To start with, they had a slightly negative electromagnetic charge, photon’s energy departed electrons on the nanoparticles when they hit the nanoparticles and caused a chemical reaction which made them even more negatively charged.

Since both negative charges repel each other, the nanoparticles began to repel more strongly. The ribbons curled up into a spiral as they were exposed to light. The results can help engineers to design new kinds of optics and electronics.

New Antimatter Particle

Scientists created an unknown type of matter by smashing particles together inside an atom smasher at close to light speed, called Hypertriton which is a type of hypernucleus formed of a proton and a neutron and any Hypertron. The results were announced in March of 2010 and the experiment took place at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton of New York.

Levitating Magnet

Nuclear fusion is one of the things that scientists wanted to achieve. It is a process of combining the atomic nuclei which take place inside stars. And if scientists could achieve it, the earth will have a powerful source with only a few negative environmental consequences.

Scientists confirmed announcing that they are about to create a thing which can do a similar process, they build it in January 2010. It is a magnet of the shape of a donut in midair; researchers were also successful to control the motion of an extremely hot gas of charged particles holds within the outer chamber of the magnet.

A physicist at Columbia University and the co-leader of the recent study, Michael Mauel said, “Fusion energy could provide a long-term solution to the planet’s energy needs without contributing to global warming.”

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